“money is the r…


“money is the root of all evil.”


animals rather than people.


i never thought i would become one of those people who says “oh i’d rather have animals than people” … but trust me, i am now one of those people. i have been through a lot and had so much thrown at me and i really do find happiness in simply spending time with animals – especially at the zoo. i have been so lucky to have so many special moments with incredible animals from all over the world but i have to say these giraffes who live an hour and a half away from me are the most amazing animals. just spending a few hours with them makes me feel that life isn’t so bad. so beautiful and graceful … yet so sociable and clumsy. i want to get a big house and live surrounded by giraffes.



i love this quote. it is so easy to let other people ruin your mood or influence your decisions which may result in you doing something that isn’t what you truly would like to do. how many times have you been really excited about something and had someone else ‘kill you excitement’? others should never be able to ruin things for you. do what makes you happy and feel what your body wants you to feel.


is it so bad to want to be someone’s top priority?
to want people to make as much of an effort with you that you make with them?

i have always believed in the phrase “be the type of friend that you would like others to be to you.” only thing is so many people in this world are willing to take so much from you but not so willing to reciprocate.
there is only so much unappreciated effort that somebody can make. 

a zoo of thoughts.


a lot of things go through my head on a day to day basis, and trust me they refuse to follow any patterns so my mind is literally a zoo – in which the exhibits are my crazy thoughts. i saw this quote the other day which i felt summed me up perfectly…k3cV4e7

this blog will contain posts about the thing that are currently at the forefront of my mind and i will also include photos of the things i get up to. i am not only living life with my zoo of thoughts, i also suffer from invisible chronic illness M.E and Neurally Mediated Hypotension. they make life pretty challenging so there shall be a few posts about how they affect my life.